My dogs give five stars!

Our pups love these treats. Very fresh and nicely packaged. 

Will be ordering more soon.-Carolyn B. (TX)

Sweet Potato Coconut Dog Treats

My dogs love these homemade and tasty treats!

 I will be buying them again and again.-Stephanie G (TX)

She Loves Them!

She Loves Them-Donna S. (TX)

The dogs love the Carob chip treats

The dogs love them I use them as treat or incentives for them doing tricks and being good and listing they drool at the site of them and love them so much they beg for more and do more tricks to get more treats without me asking them do them-Justin R.

Wonderful Treats!

My dogs love these homemade and tasty treats! I will be buying them again and again.- Carolyn B (TX)

The Best Treats! -Ronald (PA)

Our German shepherd has food allergies and it is so hard to find treats that she likes and can enjoy. We never fail to find something good!! Thank you so much! -Sarah (GA)

Pops love when I buy these treats for them! -Kare N. (GA)


Both of my dogs love these treats! They barely hit the floor before they are gone! Four paws up!-Susan B. (GA)

We love Lola D's Dog Treats! 

Our girls get so excited getting the Blueberry Banana cookies and the Pumpkin Peanut Butter cookies ! Always our first stop at the Saturday Market to stock up! -Shelly (GA)

Wonderful Doggie Treats!! 

The three dogs "loved" the treats!! Thank you for all the love they come with!!-Ronald (HI)

Fabulous Treats

Another one of Lola D’s great treats, our dog Simply loves these treats!-Freddy G. (TX)

My Yorkie absolutely loves Lola D's dog treat and so does my cat.-Christina (GA)

Awesome Treats

My 12 year old Min Pin LOVES these treats, he goes crazy for them.- Freddy G. (TX)

Apple and Carrot Treats

I bought them partially for Christmas gifts for my granddoggies and my dachshund. They really enjoyed the treats! Thank you!- Theresa E. (VA)

Great Treat!

Great and healthy treat! Lucy loves them.-Victor V. (NJ)

Our dogs love when I come home with Lola D's!!! 

Pizza treats are their favorite!-Kaitlyn (GA)

I happen to come across your kiosk at the PX on Saturday and bought a bag of grain free treats. My dog loves them! Definitely will be back for more!! Thanks!!-Gwendolyn (GA)

Pizza Bunny Dog Treat on Chicken stick

Maui loves these treat and it didnt upset his tummy. He has a super super sensitive tummy.-Erick A. (TX)

Sasha loves them! -Donna S. (TX)

We bought some of the pizza treats at the Home & Garden show. Our dog LOVED them and he can be pretty picky!! They are also reasonably priced! Would highly recommend! We will be a repeat customer!-Melissa (GA)

Love love love!!! She answered all my many questions, great prices and even gave my fur-baby treats and lots of water! Must go there -Camille (GA)

Bought these for the first time a couple of weeks ago and today my fur Babies love them soooo much great price nice lady love these!!!-K Rhena (GA)

Great dog treats! 

My dogs love all flavors, shapes and sizes!! Never caused any tummy upset. Highly recommend her dog treats!!-Amy (GA)

Hard to hide! 

Jake loves his treats so much I'm having a hard time hiding them without him sniffing them out. Thanks for such a great product.- Sara (FL)

My pointer inhales these treats. 

I love knowing exactly what's in the them. She even makes her own peanut butter!-Martha (GA)

Got a sample ..... My dog loved it! 

Thank you- I'll definitely be back to order!-Kelli (GA)

My BLUE-Girl always loves her treats from Lola D's!-Amanda (GA)

Love them! 

My dogs absolutely love your treats! One of them is really picky and he loves them! -Roslyn (GA)

Great treat. Can't get enough. 

Thanks for all you do to make all natural treats. Hadley loves them all.-Kim (PA)

Happy corgi 

My corgi Myfi loves all of the treats we have tried. She gets so excited when she sees the little brown bag!-Stacey (GA)

Very clever -Very wonderful products, the pets love them!! -Ronald (HI)

Great products -My mothers dog Harley loved the treats!! Gayle (TX)

Great product and service! 

Zoe loves the treats a d the service and shipping were great. -Michelle (SC)

My pups love your treats!!!! -Russell (GA)

Nina and Bandit LOVE these treats! 

Got 2 more bags this morning now that Amy is here on Fort Gordon for December! :) Prices are GREAT and so is the customer service! She also makes some of the treats soft, so that the Seniors can enjoy them 2!-Erin (GA)

Heavenly Treats!!

The dogs LOVE them!! Ron (NJ)

My Granddogs loved them! -Rebecca (PA)

My dog devoured them! 

Myfi absolutely loves all the treats, but these are by far her favorite and I like that they are gluten free.-Stacey (GA)

Superior Review Excellent product! Superior to the competition! -Ronald (HI)

I am always pleased with the quality of the treats and customer service that Amy provides. The dogs I work with always love the treats that she makes!-Lia (GA)

Great organic product - the dogs love them, and they're easy on stomachs. Plus, Amy is pretty much awesome! -Nick (GA)

Love that they are all natural and have lots of grain free and chicken free options. My pup loves them!-Cal (GA)

I love how much time and care she puts into making these treats!-Emily (GA)

My pup, Maggie, was given your wonderful treats for Christmas and LOVED THEM!-Carla (GA)